Cortex Beauty Hair Brush | Wheat Straw Brushes Made With 100%



  • FLEXIBLE SPIRAL AND BRISTLE DESIGN – With our innovative spiral design, you are able to make each circle more flexible while brushing your hair with more comfort. The soft and flexible bristles acts as a detangler by gripping more hair while being soft enough to make your scalp comfortable.
  • BIO-BASED MATERIALS – These brushes are made with a polymer material, which is obtained by bio conversion from renewable biomass such as straw, rice husk, and plastic. It is then polymerized further. During the entire cycle, there are no carbon emissions.
  • GREEN AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – The bio-based materials used to create the Cortex Bio-Friendly Brushes are mainly derived from plants, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and the dependence on oil. In turn, our hair brushes reduce air pollution caused by straw burning, are environmentally friendly, and are recyclable and reusable.
  • DOUBLE CURVED DESIGN – The unique curved design of these detangling brushes allows them to fit easier to any scalp while massaging the scalp more comfortably.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – It is our pleasure to replace any part of our products, or the product itself, for any manufacturer defects over the lifetime of the product.

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Light Blue, Tan, Light Green, Light Purple


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